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This database aims to include all available play therapy intervention outcome research from 1995 to the present published or translated into English. Intervention must meet the definition of play therapy and outcomes must demonstrate credible quantitative methods and analyses for inclusion in the database.

The objective is an interactive, sortable database of treatment outcome research which can serve as a useful source of information regarding the evidence base for play therapy’s effectiveness.

Search Directions: You may search the database by typing a word or phrase into the Search feature below or You may search by selecting one or more of the criteria in the red drop-down menus to efficiently find articles that match a specific treatment model, research design, clinical setting, and/or outcome variable.

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Studies Included in the Database Meet the Following Criteria:

  • Intervention must meet the definition of play therapy.
  • The research report has been published in a peer-reviewed journal or outlet.
  • The research report is based on credible quantitative research methods and analyses including randomized controlled trials, nonrandomized quasi-experimental, single-case experimental design, and single-group repeated measures.
  • The research report has been published in or translated into English.

View key for abbreviations of study characteristics

Play therapy (PT) treatment models identified with acronyms:

CCPT = Child-Centered Play Therapy
CPRT = Child Parent Relationship Therapy
CTRT = Child Teacher Relationship Therapy
AdPT = Adlerian Play Therapy
CBPT = Cognitive Behavioral Play Therapy

Control group type denoted by:

WC = waitlist/delayed start control
AC = active control
COMP = comparison treatment